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Things, Stuff, BLITEOTW, and Other Stuff

Been a few months, and stuff's gone on.  The biggest one at this time is that my sister had her baby tonight!!  He was born at 6:40pm yesterday (6/12), and was 7lbs. 14oz., and was 20 1/2 inches long.  His name is Matthew Gerald.  I got to see him tonight, and got to hold him.  He's perfect!!  And Jack LOVES his new baby brother!!  

Ok...I've moved, and still living in Manchester.  I've moved into a one bedroom apartment that is WAY easy to get to.  I'm mostly unpacked, but there's still a good amount in boxes, since I need a few things (like a bookcase, and I need a way to get the entertainment center from my sister's house) and I'm only home on weekends.  Kinda puts a damper on things.  But I'm in a good place, and I love it, so that's all that really matters, right?  It's not a huge place, it's the right size for me, and I have a place for my stuff and Guido.

My license is still suspended, and I wound up having 3 more months tacked on, due to a ticket for following too close that I got just before my hearing in December. So instead of getting my license back in another week, I won't be getting it back until September.  Royally fucks my summer, but it's my own fault.  Now my problem is back to getting rides to and from work again.  I've been staying in Nashua during the week, and even then, trying to find rides is starting to become a problem all over again.  From January to the beginning of this month, Jared drove me back and forth to work.  It had me going in really early (I was up at 20 after 4 in the morning, and was in at 5am) and getting out about 10 to 10 1/2 hours later.  Fridays I got out early, which was great.  But we'd originally agreed for him to drive me until my suspension was up.  Once I had gotten the additional time tacked on, it would only be until the beginning of this month.  So now I'm stuck again.  I'm willing to pitch in for gas, and can be ready for whatever time I'd need to in order for the rides to be feasible.  It hurts to think that with all of the things I've done for people over the years, that I'd have the kindness returned for a while, and by more people.  Am I asking too much?   I know it's a pretty big undertaking, and I'm willing to have different people drive me.  I just need something that'll be consistent.

Oh, here's something - I went to a small comic convention a few weeks ago.  I went in garb, and got in for free (not surprised).  It was a VERY small con, but saw some really GOOD artists, and some folks from the 501st.  Now, when I'm in garb, I'm used to being the flirt and talking to people, and getting stared at, and have pictures taken of me and all that.  But I actually went home with the phone numbers of 2 guys - who asked me for mine first!!  I played off the attention at first, because I know why they'd struck up conversation with me. Duh.  I usually test the waters that way, since I'm used to random conversation like that.  But these two guys are genuinely interested in me.  They both call me, they both have been concerned with the whole thing with my rides (unfortunately, neither of them can help me).  One of them, as my luck has it, is one day YOUNGER than me.  Yup - his birthday is June 15th, 1971.  So another Gemini III.  Certain things about him remind me of me.  I'm not used to having so much attention paid to me.  Since my last serious relationship was about 4 years ago, I've kind of gotten used to being ignored, and looked over and whatnot, so this will take some getting used to.  I'm trying to take things as slow as possible, and hopefully they'll have the patience for this.

Ok.  This has taken me forever to write.  My birthday is on Monday, and I'm not dreading the last year of my 30's.  It's only a damned number.  I still get carded, and have, rather constantly, been mistaken for being far younger than I am.  So that's good.

Ok...gonna try to sleep, and fend off zombies tomorrow, since it IS BLITEOTW....




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Jun. 14th, 2010 10:06 am (UTC)
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