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Walker of the Path I've Created...

...but I wander and get lost, too...

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Karen...Orchyd...Mama...An Amethyst-Loving Gemini
14 June 1971
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Geminis are love.
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How to make an amgem

1 part friendliness

3 parts courage

3 parts beauty
Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Top it off with a sprinkle of curiosity and enjoy!


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The most wasted day is that which you have not laughed.

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I adopted a cute lil' fairy fetus
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I adopted a cute lil' pirate fetus
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I adopted a cute lil' dragon fetus
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I adopted a cute lil' Amethyst fetus
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Follower of the Holy Order of Thursday...ALL HAIL THURSDAY!!

Walker of the path that I've created...sometimes I wander and get lost, too...

Moderator of the creathorne community

If you don't like what you're reading, stop looking. Plain and simple.

I write for fun, I write for expression, I write for release...Thoughts from one who always seems to have a perpetual smile, though she knows it's not always so...

I'm a Pagan, sometimes referred to as a Happy Heathen, and although I'm unsure of my path through this journey of life, I hope to find that ray of light or beam of moonlight to help me on my way...now where did I put that candle...?

Exploring my options...walking the fence of my sexuality, but unsure of just what I'm looking for in a Significant Other. I'm tired of trying to find a perfect fit in this off-the-rack-world...searching for a way to open up about how I really am inside...I haven't found the right one who has the key to unlock the real ME...but they're out there, somewhere...olly olly oxen free....

In other words, I'm single..."My ring finger is clean, I remain unbetrothed, My bachelor[ette]hood intact. A solitary figure seemingly sentenced to Singleness..."~*~Hawkeye Pierce

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And do not mistake my curves for ugliness. I'd rather have curves and soft places than bony, hard, uncomfortable ones!!!

I was in here i'm in gryffindor!, but now I'm here - I'm in Ssssssslytherin!

Dual-natured...Incorrigible, encourageable, shy and not so shy...quiet and very loud...bright smiles hiding a dark Something...silly and serious...talkative to a fault and more silent than a churchmouse...submissive or downright ornery Bitch...some of the things that add up to me...being a Gemini, it happens...it's a mutable Air sign sort of thing-multitasking is natural...I am my own enigma...Questing teams will be made soon, should someone decide to take up the challenge. Do you have what it takes?
-ish, 80's music, active imaginations, adrian welch, amethysts, ani difranco, arisia, astrology, atroa, bdsm, being naughty, big cats, bill cosby, billy connelly, bisexuality, blazing saddles, blue collar comedy, boffer combat, boffer weaponry, bonfires, bouquets of flowers, caddyshack, calvin & hobbes, candles, catholic schoolgirl outfits, causing trouble, corsets, craft fairs, creathorne, cuddling, daffy duck, derry house party, dirty jokes, dmb, dragons, eddie izzard, eddieizzard, eeldrytch armouree, evil fantasies, family, fangs, fantasy art, fetish fair fleamarket, flirting, fondue, friends, gallagher, gemini, gemstones, george carlin, godsmack, goth, home-cooking, homestarrunner, humour, inciting mischief, incubi, international wenches guild, iwg, kilt checks, king richard's faire, kissing, kissing girls, knives, larping, larps, laughter, leather, lesbians, ligers, looney tunes, love, lust at first sight, m*a*s*h, majick, manray, mead, medieval things, mischief, monty python, moonlight, music, mythbusters, nancybuttons, new england weather, nipples, nocturnal habits, ocean, paganism, patch adams, pearls, photography, poetry, prose, purple, queensryche, reading, realms, red and rover, ren & stimpy, renaissance faires, robin williams, roleplaying, romance, romantic interludes, roses, rowan atkinson, rping, sci-fi, sci-fi cons, seacoast, sensory overload, sensuality, sex, sharp-bladed things, snow, snuggling, soul coughing, soul mates, spooning, starfire swords, stargazing, steve martin, steven wright, stomp, swords, t shirt designing, t.i.g.e.r.s., tattoos, the crow, the devil's advocate, the shawshank redemption, the_realms, threads of time, tie-dye, tom smith, tonsil hockey, u2, uncle john's bathroom readers, vampires, victor borge, waaf, weaponry, weatherpixie, wenches, wenching, white wolf, witchcraft, women, writing poetry

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