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Been a long while since a decent post...

Been kind of keeping things to myself, trying to sort things out, figure out things...and most of it's been happening in silence. Not sure who I can talk to about the things in my head anymore. Some bad things, some good.

No idea what's happened with Teresa. No word from Darrick, nor from anyone else who may know anything. Not pleased. I've hated how Darrick's been handling things. I understand that between his trying to find a place for him, his girl and their kid to live and trying to have Teresa properly taken care of are HUGE tasks in and of themselves, and having to deal with both situations together is insane. He should have been asking for more help when it came to getting Teresa taken care of. And don't get me started on Tookie. He's become a waste, too. I've hated the fact that I'm not in the loop AND that legally I CAN'T do anything. I'm taking Teresa's death and the handling of her final arrangements a bit more to heart than some people probably think I should, and honestly, I have every right to. I am why she came to New Hampshire in the first place. It was through our relationship that she met most of the crowd. I'm glad she stayed up here after we broke up. She met a lot of good people, and I'm grateful for the time we had with her. Despite Darrick and Tookie failing in stepping up and doing the right things, there WILL be a celebration of her life, and it will be held at the Derry House sometime in February. Date and time will be forthcoming. Early HUGE thank yous to redpoppies and Brian for letting me do this.

Dad's birthday, and the 3rd anniversary of his passing, have come and gone. It doesn't feel like three years.

Had my license suspended again. This time, the other 45 days that were held over my head from my last suspension were applied, and also got 180 days for too many points against my license. Luckily(?), the suspensions are running concurrently. The suspension started on the Winter Solstice, and I'll get it back on the Summer Solstice. So far, I've been fortunate enough to be getting rides mostly from Nigel and from evileric1971. I know I can't keep that up for the entire duration, nor can they. I don't know what else to do yet, but I'm incredibly grateful for them getting me back and forth.

Found out from my boss at our little Christmas Eve eve work party about how we did the past year, or at least from January to October. Now, mind you, there are approximately 427 EmbroidMe stores around the world. For the time from January to October, the store I work at was number 4 for sales for the year, and for October alone, we were number 2, with a store in Australia being the only one ahead of us. Not too shabby, considering I was the one doing the majority of the work in our shop!! The long hours (pulling anywhere between 11- to 14-hour days, not including the commute) and crazy weeks have been worth it. Now with the holidays finally over, things have started to noticeably slow down, even though there's still plenty of work. Not so much as to warrant crazy long days still, but that's ok - I can use a bit of a break. I'll miss the healthy paychecks for a bit, too. Maybe I'll be able to get back in touch with people a bit.

Christmas was spent at my Seester's, and she was still up before everone - including Jack!! She finds out on Monday if she's having a boy or a girl. She's hoping for a girl. :) Oh yeah, she's pregnant...lol Her due date is mid-June-ish...which is right around 2 wedding anniversaries, MY birthday, my mom's birthday, a cousin's birthday...We're hoping for June 12th or 16th, so the baby'll have their own day (although I wouldn't complain about sharing my birthday with a new niece or nephew!!).

Rang in 2010 at raynemoonfyre's, with her hubby, and friends, including squeaks4469, clodappleleft (YAAAY!!), and dreddy_reddy and Lord Rhuff. We invaded the Mall of NH on New Year's day, and I was able to start off the new year with smiles and laughter.

Let's see...what else...Oh yeah.

Had two friends recently decide they no longer wanted to be friends with me because of some things that I've said on Facebook. Now, I'm not here for some popularity contest, and I certainly don't expect everyone to like what I say. But getting "Yes this is a public forum. Yes you have every right to write what ever you want to. I just don't agree with some things that you say." with no explanation as to what I may have said wrong according to them is messed up. I've said LOTS of things, and granted they're MY opinion, and I know that I don't always follow the status quo. I LIKE the fact that I don't. I've never looked at everything the same way other people do. I may not feel bad about something or someone or some situation, and I'm quite sure that not everyone feels bad for me, either, and that's ok. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, too. Diversity is a Good Thing™. But if there's something I've said that's bothered someone THAT much, I'd like to think that they'd be a BIT more specific.

So, to that end, to talia_dechoros and soulsquietvoice, if it was something about Teresa, or my opinions about Darrick's handling of Teresa that put you off, or even if that wasn't why, the LEAST you two could have done would have been to TALK TO ME. And since you can't, or won't, and you two want to up and toss out this many years of friendship, then CJ, good luck on your tour overseas, and I hope you come back safely. Peter, never in my life did I think you'd up and walk away without even so much as a goodbye. But I will let you both know about the party that will be held for Teresa, since the party will be about HER, not me, nor you two.

Ok...it's 10 after 4 in the morning. It's taken me most of the night to write this, and there's more I want to type, but I'm not sure how to put things into the right words yet. So with that, I say good night.



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Jan. 10th, 2010 01:52 pm (UTC)
I can't think of anything to say, except that you deserved better from your "friends". I hope better times come your way, because you certainly have had more than your share of the bad. {{hugs}}
Jan. 10th, 2010 03:34 pm (UTC)
Update.. or lack of
Hi there.

I have not heard but have left messages. :( When (if) i get an update i will pass it on.
Jan. 10th, 2010 03:42 pm (UTC)
Re: Update.. or lack of
Thank you, Kathy. I've heard VERY random bits, including something to the effect that Darrick and Tookie were planning a funeral. I found Tookie on Facebook, but typical, he's useless - and besides, he's busy getting ready to be a father again. *eyeroll*
Jan. 11th, 2010 01:47 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry that things still haven't gotten worked out with T. Ping me if there's anything you can think of that I can do to help.
As to Facebook, etc... Your page. You have a right to write what you want. People have a right to get pissed at what they read. It's how things are handled afterward that matters.*shrug* It should make for interesting and cathartic conversations, at the least.
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